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The Girl Who Reads.

This is based off on what Robert Pattinson apparently said about girls who read.   He woke up to an empty bed. He checked and realized that she still hadn’t come to bed. Checking the phone he found that it was two in the morning. ‘Man that must’ve been one interesting book.’ He thought to… Continue reading The Girl Who Reads.

Love · Moving on

From The One That Wronged You.

Dear Blossoms, Or maybe I have lost the right to call you that. I have, haven’t I? Let’s start again then.   Hey you, Knowing you as I do, I’m pretty sure it has taken you a lot of courage, a lot of profanities and maybe even a lot of time in opening this letter.… Continue reading From The One That Wronged You.


Imperfect Happy Ever After.

“You look great, sweetie. And before you ask, no. I won’t let you fall.” My father chuckled. “Thanks dad. You promise, right?” I was nervous. Giddy. Greatly excited too. In short, a bunch of emotions. “You can count on me Emy.” He smiled. I was about to respond when my wedding planner gave us the… Continue reading Imperfect Happy Ever After.